Sugarbowl - 8 oz bag

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Sugarbowl - 8 oz bag


This is my absolute favorite bean right now, especially when I want espresso or drip coffee. It smells and tastes like a dark and spicy chocolate bar. Its richness and balance are due to more than 120 aromatic oils and more than 300 chemical elements, delivering an exotic and complex cup of coffee. 

Our Sugarbowl blend comes from Daterra Farms - Brazilian coffee growers known for their respect for the environment. Daterra Farms has earned numerous environmental certifications, including Rainforest Alliance Certification. Daterra's sustainable practices focus on: optimizing the water-use in coffee processing; treating and recycling the used water; producing and using organic fertilizer (Bio-Mass); preserving native forests, wildlife and waterfalls; and educating local communities about the importance of ecology. Significantly, 50% of its lands have been designated as Natural Preservation Areas. 

In partnership with IAC (Agronomic Institute of Campinas) and Illycafé, Daterra has researched extensively to select the following bean varieties that yield the best cup: Typica - original natural coffee from Ethiopia; Bourbon - mutant of Typica from the Island of Bourbon; Caturra - natural mutant of Bourbon originated in Brasil; Mundo Novo - natural cross pollination of Sumatra and Bourbon in Brazil; Red and Yellow Icatu - back cross of Bourbon and Canephora Tetraploid.

Drink this, and you will feel like a Brazilionaire! 

Origin: Cerrado, Mogiana, Brazil
Varietal: Arabica Variety
Process: Pulped Natural
Altitude: 1500 Meters
Certification: Organic, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance Certified
Cupping: Dark Chocolate, Spicy, Balanced Acidity, Dense Body, Orange, Light Grape Notes

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