Thoughtfully Selected + Micro Roasted Organic Coffee


Thoughtfully Selected + Micro Roasted Organic Coffee

our philosophy: Better coffee

We've set out to make better coffee. Better not just for our taste buds, but also for our health, the well being of our farmers, and our natural world. Our local, freshly roasted coffee contains no harmful chemicals. The thoughtful way our bean production is managed helps people all over the world earn a decent wage. Careful harvesting of our beans provides habitat for wildlife while helping the larger fight against climate change. The only thing you will love more than thinking about our coffee is drinking it!



Life is too short to drink bad coffee. Our organic, shade-grown coffee beans ripen more slowly, providing a deeper, more luxurious flavor that is also free of unhealthy pesticides. We perform extensive research on every batch of coffee beans roasted in order to provide exceptional products.


We need a decent source of caffeine if we are going to save the planet!

First, we look for beans that are sourced from shade grown trees, or in the shade of larger tropical forests to help provide valuable habitat for migratory birds and other wildlife and endangered species. Shade trees also ensure that there is greater biodiversity in species and less monoculture — which protects coffee crops from pests and invasive species while reducing the need for pesticides and herbicides.

Second, we look for coffee beans that are organically grown. This means the coffee is produced without using artificial pesticides. This ensures that pollution from wastewater and fertilizers is minimized and soil erosion is decreased because native forests are kept intact.


Importantly, we also seek out coffee beans from socially responsible farms. We look for well-managed family farms; often they've been working with coffee for generations. The harvesters should work under excellent conditions and be paid fairly for their efforts. 


The Family

The Family

KIM Master


Is that confusing - to have the title Kim Master, Master? Kim doesn't care! She cares about good coffee, the well-being of our planet, and helping people live a happy, healthful life. Kim loves to work and play hard - and to fuel it all with coffee. She graduated from Stanford University with a Human Biology B.A. (focused in Cultural and Ecological Values in Developing Countries) and an Anthropology M.A. She thrives researching and working tirelessly on any project that has a fulfilling purpose, especially if it allows her to drink strong, freshly roasted coffee ALL DAY.

Noah Lieb

Coffee king

Noah is an energy-efficiency consultant by day, and he's really outstanding at whatever that entails... But let's be honest: if he could sip coffee, mountain bike, grow tomatoes, and flip pizza all day, he would. Noah loves the precision involved in roasting and making sure everything is PERFECT. He holds an Economics B.A. from the University of Colorado - maybe this is why he loves numbers and ratios more than most. Did we mention he was honored "Pizza King of Colorado" at one point? Well, if there's a Coffee King of Colorado award he could get that too.

Kim Master, Master

Noah Lieb, Coffee King